Failure is my bitch

Never give up

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Focus on making your product the most useful product in its category. You need to grow big,grow fast!

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We live only once…. Let’s do something great and give the world an opportunity to admire us!

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We’ve tried a lot of project management tools but I have to say, has been working well for us.

It’s simple to get started so you don’t need to explain it to the team. It’s flexible so it suffices for all sorts of projects. They have mobile apps so it’s easy to know what’s happening with the product while on the go.

We’ve created 5 separate boards in Trello named Web, iOS, Android, Content and General.

Each of the boards have ‘To Do’, ‘Doing’, ‘Done’ lists along with a few other lists as deemed fit by the respective teams working on them.

I also try to use Trello for my own personal use though I’ve seen myself using Any.Do more often for my personal needs. I’m seriously considering moving my personal task management to Trello as well.

Start organising your product development. Start winning!

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Boomerang for Gmail

Following up with people can get unexpectedly positive results. But it can be a big pain in the ass remembering whom to follow up with.

I use Boomerang and I think you should too. Send an email and ask boomerang to inform you a day later if no one replies to the email. 

Start following up, start winning!

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Catch all emails to your domain


You do not want to miss emails that may be sent to the wrong email id in your domain. 

Use a catch all so that any emails sent to non existent email ids reach you.

If you own and legit emails are,  and someone happens to send then make sure this email reaches you. 

Good things can happen due to this.

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Feature and Growth

Build one feature and Build 2 ways to grow that feature.

We have a lot of ideas at JustUnfollow but we implement those first that are more likely to help us spread.

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You are a fool if you aren’t applying to Startup Chile

No offence but if you have an idea, want to startup or have already started up, need money, want to meet hundreds of like minded teams, want to be forced to learn a new language, want to know how good cheap wine can taste and you haven’t applied for Startup Chile then you better do it now!

Startup Chile in simple words:

1. US$ 40,000 equity free seed funding

2. Spend 6 months in Chile

3. 100 teams from all over the world

No kidding. This is the best incubator for an early stage startup especially if you are in the “product building” phase. I spent 6 months as part of the first batch of this program and if I could do it all over again, hell yeah, I’ll do it!

The money helps you focus on building your product. Even before that, it gives you an opportunity to leave that job you do not want to be in and take a plunge into entrepreneurship.

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When your users ask for a refund just give it to them. There is no use reasoning or fighting with your customer over the refund. Just give it to them!

Only a small percentage of your users ask for a refund. I know you would have this whole “how can they get away with this. This is cheating!” thoughts in your head when someone asks for a refund. However, it’s a trivial thing. When you start arguing over the refund, you do not win, you just make their desire for a refund stronger.

Refund and move on. Chances are, they’ll come back. If not, then they’ll tell others about their good experience doing business with you. Either ways, YOU WIN!

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Do yourself a favor and use self hosted Wordpress for your company blog. I’ve tried a lot of blogging platforms but the best blogging platform from a business point of view is wordpress. 

Of course, you don’t need to do this when you are just starting out as you can get started quickly using or tumblr . But once you have a bit of traction for your product, move over to a self hosted wordpress blog. 

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