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Never give up

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The story until now

I’ve been working as a software developer(Java) from the last 3 years or so. I got a job through campus placement at college and after about 2 years at my first job I moved on to work at an Indian startup named which helps people find and review the best restaurants, spas etc in their city.

I officially resigned from my job last week, 5th of Jan, 2011. I will need to serve the mandatory 2 months notice period at work and 4th March would be my last working day.

I haven’t really chalked out a plan for the rest of ‘11, but the vague idea is to add new features to the site that made quitting my job possible -

Apart from that, I’m working on buffr and it’s pretty exciting. I cannot disclose more about it, not that I intend to keep it super secret or something, it’s just that buffr as an idea and concept is evolving everyday. We plan to launch an alpha version soon and I’ll probably blog about it when it’s ready.

Another resolution for this year is to build at least one Android app. I guess I’ll probably start work on an Android application for JustUnfollow.

I’ve been a blogger for more than 3 years now but I’ve never had a personal blog. I wish to document at least ‘11, see what happens, where life as a jobless guy takes me.

The first blog I started was which is a technical blog. I stopped updating it but I wish to write a few good posts this year. My second blog, the one which gave me my first real online $$ (just a few dollars, nothing significant) was I started off writing “how to” articles and then moved on to celebrity bitching, yeah, that works, search engines love such articles!

After that, I was hooked on to twitter. Twitter had just gone big with it’s API and a lot of new apps were being developed. I figured there was no good blog that reviewed the apps being built for twitter and hence started

Twi5 did relatively well (it still gets around 1.5-2k page views per day) but I eventually was getting bored reviewing apps. Around the time when I had started losing interest in Twi5, Google launched it’s cloud offering the Appengine for Java. My joy knew no bounds. In front of me was a highly scalable hosting solution for Java backed by a company I love and respect. I decided to build a small twitter application so that I understand how the Google Appengine works. That’s when I built JustUnfollow.

When I used JustUnfollow for the first time, I kinda liked it. Out of no intentions of this being picked up, I just sent a tip about my application to TechCrunch. Within a few minutes I got an email from Michael Arrington with a screenshot of my application and he reported a bug in my app! I forgot all about the bug, the only thing I could see was the fact that Michael Arrington had personally tried it and took the pain to email me feedback! I guess my happiness would be comparable to that entrepreneur who would get his first seed funding, I was elated!

I replied back with a thank you(actually I was much more vocal, profusely thanked Arrington and wrote what I felt, how I respect him for building something like TechCrunch etc). The next email had a link to the post about JustUnfollow on TechCrunch, Michael Arrington just reviewed my app! My life changed, it fucking did!

JustUnfollow is now nearing 200,000 registered users. Around half a million unique users visit the site every month and on a regular day about 350,000 users get unfollowed through the application.

Though it all seems good now, I want you to know success doesn’t come easy. You got to work hard for it, everyone does. It’s just that the successful ones make you believe that they had it easy. I have yet to find success(I’ll start wearing a wrist watch the day I can call my efforts a success) but from what I’ve seen in these years, it’s easy to give up, lose focus and blame everything around you when things don’t work out.

Don’t give up, that’s your first step to succeeding. Do what you like, that’s the second step. The third step is to find a co-founder. I’ll let you know the fourth step when I take it.

You can find me on twitter and facebook.

Hi, I’m Nischal and I’m delighted to meet you.

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